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Counselor's Clinical Cottage, PSC
937 29th Street
PO Box 833
Ashland KY 41105-0833
(606)329-0727   Fax: (606)329-1327
Ms. Jade Maddox, LPCC, NCC

Map  Member Since 2012 


Lindsey Wilson College
PO Box 158
Betsy Layne KY 41605
(606)478-5922   Fax: (606)478-5923
Ms. Shelia Wallen

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 Member Since 2006 


Pathways Inc.
1212 Bath Avenue, Eighth Floor
P. O. Box 790
Ashland KY 41105-0790
(606)329-8588   Fax: (606)329-8195
Dr. Kim McClanahan, Chief Executive Officer
Other Contacts: Ken Beck, Mr. William "Bill" Bottoms, Mr. Scott Campbell, Mr. Tom Leach, Mr. Ted Miller, Ms. Ronne Nunley, Ms. Terri Terry, Mr. Marshall Tyson, Jennifer Willis, RNBC, Dir. of Nursing & Medical Serv., Ms. Bobbi Wymer

 Member Since 1985 

Community Mental Health Center serving FIVCO and Gateway area.

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