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Credit Union

Ashland Credit Union
1300 Central Avenue
P. O. Box 391
Ashland KY 41105-0391
(606)329-5489   Fax: (606)329-5414
Mr. Larry Lucas
Other Contacts: Ms. Elizabeth Hensley, Ms. Desiree' Lynch, Mortgage Loan Originator, Ms. Gretchen Short, Ms. Candace Fyffe- Stanley

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 Member Since 1994 


Bluegrass Community Federal Credit Union
2321 Carter Avenue
PO Box 81
Ashland KY 41105-0081
(606)324-0888   Fax: (606)324-0898
Mr. R. Joseph Bradley, Manager
Other Contacts: Ms. Rachel Brammell, Ms. Greta Shannon, Ms. Mary Trimble

Map  Member Since 2010 


Desco Federal Credit Union
455 Armco Road
P. O. Box 1521
Ashland KY 41105-1521
(606)326-1118   Fax: (606)326-9808
Mr. James H. Webster, Branch Manager
Other Contacts: Ms. Sharon Asbury, Ms. Kathy Blankenship, Ms. Tracey Coburn, Mr. Jeff Lyons, Mr. Tim Muffley, Ms. Shari Nelson

 Member Since 1991 


Greenup County Federal Credit Union
410 Bellefonte Street
P. O. Box 433
Russell KY 41169
(606)836-9932   Fax: (606)836-4280
Matt Cochran, Manager

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Map  Member Since 1984 


Members Choice Credit Union
1401 Central Avenue
PO Box 1468
Ashland KY 41105-1468
(606)326-8000   Fax: (606)329-8768
Ms. Cheryl Deborde, President
Other Contacts: Tiffany Black, Mr. Perry Blake, Ms. Michelle E. Colegrove, David Deborde, Clark Menshouse, Mr. Alan Parrott, Ms. Jenna Ramey, Mr. Bryan Sparks

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 Member Since 1993 

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