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King's Daughters Medical Center
2201 Lexington Avenue
P. O. Box 151
Ashland KY 41105-0151
(606)408-4000   Fax: (606)408-4622
Ms. Kristie Whitlatch, President/CEO
Other Contacts: Ms. Katie Arnett, Ms. Elaine Corbitt, Mr. Tom Dearing, Director-Integrated Comm., Ms. Cathy Dye, Adm. Asst., Mr. Matt Ebaugh, VP-Chief Strategy and Info Offcr., Sally Fairchild, Jamie Fannin, Dr. Richard Ford, VP-Chief Medical Officer, Mr. Greg Friley, Ms. Kelly Hurt, VP-Peoples Services, Ms. Sheryl Mahaney, VP-Chief Legal & Regulatory Offcr., Ms. Sara Marks, VP-Exec. Dir. of Integrated Practices, Autumn McFann, CFO, Ms. Laura Patrick, Kentucky Heart Foundation, Ms. Stacy Patrick, VP-Nursing, Michael Reeves, Amie Schwendeman, Ms. Mona Thompson, VP-Quality

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 Member Since 1977 


Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital
St. Christopher Drive
P. O. Box 789
Ashland KY 41105-0789
(606)833-3333   Fax: (606)833-3195
Mr. Kevin Halter, CEO
Other Contacts: Mr. Michael Arnett, Firm Fitness, Mr. Joe Buchheit, CFO, Mr. Napoleon Burris, Ms. Shelley Carrico, Mr. Chuck Charles, VP, OLBH Foundation, Mr. Kevin Compton, Mr. Troy Connett, Mr. Phil DeGelia, Mr. Michael Gomez, Dir. Information Services, Ms. Pam Hall, Administrative Asst., Mr. Bob Hammond, Corp. Healthcare Specialist, Mr. Matt Harr, Ms. Lisa Huff, Physician Recruiter, Ms. Michele Jackson, Ms. Diva Justice, Dir. of Healthy Community, Ms. Kristi Kepler, Mr. Bob Lucas, Andrew Mains, Mr. Tyler Martin, VP of Physician Services, Ms. Mary Kay McGinnis Ruark, Ms. Melissa McKenzie, Community Education Coordinator, Ashley Nolen, Ms. Laura Potter, Ms. Julie Sands, Ms. Luann Serey, Director Volunteers, Ms. Peggy Smith, Director of Case Management, Kevin Staton, Ms. Carolyn Stevens, Mr. Tyler Walters, VP of Physician Services, Ms. Angela Wells Coburn, Holly West, MS, MPM, HHS, Ms. Diana Williams, Mr. Mike Wirzfeld

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 Member Since 1986 

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