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Ashland Beacon
1212 Bath Avenue, Fifth Floor
PO Box 25
Ashland KY 41105-0025
Mr. Philip Stewart

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Map  Member Since 2012 


The Daily Independent
226 17th Street
P. O. Box 311
Ashland KY 41105-0311
(606)326-2600   Fax: (606)326-2679
Mr. Eddie Blakeley
Other Contacts: Ms. Kathie Bryant, Circulation Clerk, Ms. Lisa Callihan, Business Manager, Ms. Ashley Fletcher, Office Manager, Mr. Kevin Goldy, Mr. Gene Hallahan, IT Director, Ms. Kim Harper, Advertising, Mr. Mike James, Glenn Puit, Managing Editor, Mr. Skip Reinhard, Ms. Lee Ward, Ms. Kathy White, Classified

 Member Since 1974 


Greenup County News-Times
Harrison Street
P. O. Box 724
Greenup KY 41144
(606)473-9851   Fax: (606)473-7591
Ms. Kathie Schaffer

Map  Member Since 1981 

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