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Petroleum Products

John W. Clark Oil Co. Inc.
101 Wheatley Road, WW
P. O. Box 1396
Ashland KY 41105-1396
(606)325-8536   Fax: (606)329-2298
Ms. Michelle Gibson, Human Resource Director
Other Contacts: Mr. Brent Clark, President

 Member Since 1981 


Marathon Petroleum Company LP
11631 U. S. Route 23
P. O. Box 1492
Catlettsburg KY 41129
(606)921-3333   Fax: (606)921-2033
Mr. Brad Levi, Division Manager
Other Contacts: Spenser Blosser, Ms. Leesa Carroll, Amanda Collins, Ms. Cathy Crace, Asegai Daniel, Ms. Ruby Deerfield, Mr. David Earl, Mary Fraley, Ms. Sheila Fraley, Community Relations Rep., Mr. Greg Jackson, HR Refining Manager, Rainey Mosley, HES&S Administrative Assistant, Jennifer Mullins, Mr. Gerald Nailborski, Operations Manager, Mr. Jay Richert, Product Control Mgr., Mr. Todd Sandifer, Mr. Adam Stapleton, Ms. Amber Toney, Mr. Evan White

 Member Since 1998 

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