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Schools, Colleges & Education

Ashland Community & Technical College
College Drive Campus
1400 College Drive
Ashland KY 41101
(606)326-2000   Fax: (606)326-2187
Dr. Kay Adkins, President/CEO
Other Contacts: Mr. Al Baker, Dr. Keith Brammell, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Mr. Steve Flouhouse, Director of IPRE, Mr. Mick Fosson, Program Facilitator, Mrs. Allison Stanley Goble, Michelle Goodman, Mrs. Megan Horne, Shelia Marcum, Ms. Willie McCullough, Dean of Resource Dev. & Ext. Affairs, Cristina McDavid, Mr. John McGlone, Dean of Public Services, Pam Miller, Ms. Penny Qualls, Adult Education, Ms. Brooke Seasor, Director of Advancement, Ms. Heather Shelton, Ms. Chrisha Spears, Molly Webb, Steve Woodburn

 Member Since 1984 


Ashland Independent School District
1820 Hickman Street
P. O. Box 3000
Ashland KY 41105-3000
(606)327-2706   Fax: (606)327-2705
Mr. Sean Howard, Superintendent
Other Contacts: Mr. Jamie Campbell, Principal, Crabbe Elem., Katie Holbrook, Mr. Shawn Thornbury, Mr. Timothy Walters, Business Manager, Mr. Cary Williams, Ms. Geri Willis

 Member Since 1978 


Boyd County Public Schools
1104 Bob McCullough Drive
Ashland KY 41102
(606)928-4141   Fax: (606)928-4771
Mr. Brock Walter, Superintendent
Other Contacts: Ms. Carole Chaney, Secretary to Superintendent, Ms. Karen Curnutte, Public Relations Assistant, Mr. Matthew Spade, Public Relations Director

 Member Since 1985 


Fairview Independent Schools
2127 Main Street, WW
Ashland KY 41102
Michael Taylor, Superintendent
Other Contacts: Ashley Carey, Brenda Hale, Jeff Ware, Band Director

 Member Since 2005 


Kentucky Christian University
100 Academic Parkway
Grayson KY 41143
(606)474-3282   Fax: (606)474-3132
Ms. Samantha Hicks, Marketing & PR Coordinator

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Map  Member Since 2009 


Lindsey Wilson College
PO Box 158
Betsy Layne KY 41605
(606)478-5922   Fax: (606)478-5923
Ms. Shelia Wallen

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 Member Since 2006 


Morehead State University - Ashland Campus
1400 College Drive
Ashland KY 41101
(606)327-1777   Fax: (606)324-4171
Dr. Nancy Preston, Campus Director
Other Contacts: Ms. Susan Ringrose, Extended Campus Asst.

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 Member Since 1987 


Ohio University Southern
1804 Liberty Avenue
Ironton OH 45638
(740)533-4600   Fax: (740)533-4590
Mr. Don Moore
Other Contacts: Sarah Diamond Burroway, Director Extermal Relations, Tina Canter, Ms. Kim Keffer, Noel Payne, Ms. Nicole Pennington, Traci Tillis, Mr. Matt Ward

Map  Member Since 2008 


Raceland-Worthington Independent Schools
600 Ram Boulevard
Raceland KY 41169
(606)836-2144   Fax: (606)833-5807
Mr. Larry Coldiron, Superintendent
Other Contacts: Mr. Shawn Johnson, Safe Schools Coordinator

Map  Member Since 1987 


Russell Independent Schools
409 Belfont Street
Russell KY 41169
(606)836-9679   Fax: (606)836-2865
Mr. Sean Horne, Superintendent
Other Contacts: Mr. Dennis Chambers, Dir. Finance/Facilities, Ms. Debbie Finley, Chief Academic Officer, Ms. Joyce Moore

 Member Since 1987 

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