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Columbia Gas of Kentucky Inc.
121 9th Street
Ashland KY 41101
(606)324-7115   Fax: (606)324-1476
Mr. Mike Pierce

 Member Since 1978 


Kentucky Power
12333 Kevin Avenue
Ashland KY 41102
(800)572-1113   Fax: (606)929-1510
Ms. Delinda Borden, Mgr. Customer & Distr. Se
Other Contacts: Alison Barker, Ms. Paula Bell, Steve Blankenship, E.J. Clayton, Mr. Brad Hall, External Affairs Mgr., Ms. Shelia Hall, Mr. Mike Hurley, Customer Serv. Engineer, Ms. Debra L. Kahn, Customer Serv. Rep., Mr. Lloyd Keyser, Mr. Vernon Mullins, Mr. Everett Phillips, Mr. Matt Satterwhite, President & COO, Brent Tackett, Mr. Charlie Tackett, E. K. Wagner

 Member Since 1983 


Natural Energy Utility Corp.
2560 Hoods Creek Pike
Ashland KY 41102
(606)324-3920   Fax: (606)325-2991
Mr. Jay Freeman
Other Contacts: Mr. Mark Baldock, Mr. Matt Oaks, General Manager

 Member Since 2004 

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