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Employee Training

Ashland Community & Technical College
College Drive Campus
1400 College Drive
Ashland KY 41101
(606)326-2000   Fax: (606)326-2187
Dr. Kay Adkins, President/CEO
Other Contacts: Mr. Al Baker, Dr. Keith Brammell, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Mr. Steve Flouhouse, Director of IPRE, Mr. Mick Fosson, Program Facilitator, Ms. Gayle Fritz, Ms. Allison Stanley Goble, Ms. Megan Horne, Shelia Marcum, Ms. Willie McCullough, Dean of Resource Dev. & Ext. Affairs, Cristina McDavid, Mr. John McGlone, Dean of Public Services, Ms. Penny Qualls, Adult Education, Ms. Kathy Riley, Executive Admin. Asst., Ms. Brooke Seasor, Director of Advancement, Ms. Heather Shelton, Ms. Chrisha Spears, Molly Webb, Steve Woodburn

 Member Since 1984 

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