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Fairchild, Sally King's Daughters Medical Center (606)408-0124(606)408-4622 
Fannin, Jamie King's Daughters Medical Center (606)408-4000(606)408-4622 
Faulkner, Jeremy TENCO, Kentucky Career Center (606)564-6894(606)564-0955 
Fazenbaker, Deb Citizens Bank of Kentucky (606)920-7319(606)920-7350 
Ferguson, Dianne Wilma's Dress Shop (606)928-7393 
Ferguson, Larra Larra Ferguson Insurance Inc./Allstate (606)325-7700(606)325-7801 
Ferrell, Tracey Community Trust Bank (606)329-6621(606)928-0323 
Ferris, Randy Randy's Potties (304)638-7886 
Fey, Barry Infra-Metals (513)353-1740(815)795-5041 
Fields, Rob Fields Flower Shop (606)324-2184 
Fields, Ron City of Flatwoods (606)836-9661(606)836-4222 
Finster, Shane Armstrong (740)451-6357(740)894-0875 
Fletcher, Ashley The Daily Independent (606)326-2600(606)326-2679 
Flouhouse, Steve Ashland Community & Technical College (606)326-2055(606)326-2187 
Floyd, David Floyd Realty & Appraisal Company (606)324-7193(606)324-9181 
Ford, Richard King's Daughters Medical Center (606)408-4000(606)408-4622 
Fosson, Amanda Peoples Insurance Agency (606)920-4470(606)325-7787 
Fosson, Mick Ashland Community & Technical College (606)922-2678(606)326-2187 
Fraley, Carol Hall Grayson Rural Electric Co-op Corp. (606)474-5136(606)474-2130 
Fraley, Gary Whayne Supply (606)928-3444(606)928-3440 
Fraley, Mary Marathon Petroleum Company LP (606)923-9968(606)921-2033 
Fraley, Sheila Marathon Petroleum Company LP (606)921-2040(606)921-2033 
Frasure, Scott American Red Cross (859)940-3604(606)329-1507 
Freeman, Jay Natural Energy Utility Corp. (606)324-3920(606)325-2991 
Freeman, Preston Natural Energy Utility Corp. (606)324-3920(606)325-2991 
Friley, Greg King's Daughters Medical Center (606)324-4745(606)408-4622 
Fritz, Stephanie Option Care - Infustion Pharmacy (606)922-3774(866)221-1916 
Furches, Sharon Huffman Insurance (606)929-9588 
Fyffe, Terry The Fyffe Jones Group (606)329-8604(606)324-2823 
Fyffe, Terry Heritage Arts, Science and Tourism Center (606)329-8604 

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