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Gabbard, Kim Pressure Tech Inc. (606)834-1545(606)834-1095 
Gabbard, Sarah Paul Davis Emergency Services River Cities (606)744-2888(606)744-2887 
Gallaher, John The Gallaher Group (606)329-8383(606)325-8558 
Gallaher, Kathy Spectrum (606)371-4037(606)329-9579 
Gallaher, Stephanie The Gallaher Group (606)329-8383(606)325-8558 
Gallion, Noel C. Greenup County EMS Inc. (606)833-1515 
Galloway, Jennifer Jennifer Galloway Appraisals (606)923-0172(606)929-5209 
Gambill, John The HomeTeam Inspection Service (606)324-4547(606)329-1441 
Gannon, Donna Century 21 - Brooks Wells Enterprises (740)352-7294(606)329-2839 
Garcia, Jose Bella Fonte Italian Restaurant (606)920-7682(606)325-0659 
Gevedon, MD, E. B. Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (606)324-4222(606)324-4332 
Gibbs, Carl "C.C." Gibbs True Value Hardware (606)325-4681(606)325-1573 
Gibbs, Carl "C.C." Gibbs True Value Hardware #2 (606)474-4681(606)474-0720 
Gibbs, Tana City National Bank (606)473-0772(606)326-2296 
Gibbs, Tim Ashland Alliance (606)207-0042(606)325-4607 
Gibson, David EN Engineering (606)739-6805(606)353-7777 
Gibson, Michelle John W. Clark Oil Co. Inc. (606)325-8536(606)329-2298 
Gifford, Mary South Ashland Florist & Greenhouse (606)325-4691(606)324-6000 
Gilkerson, Jane Town Square Bank (606)324-7196(606)324-0171 
Gillum, Blake Infusion Solutions (888)446-6348(866)606-4663 
Gillum, Donna Town Square Bank (606)473-0884(606)324-0171 
Gillum, Pam First & Peoples Bank and Trust (606)836-0211(606)836-0338 
Gilmore, Steve City of Ashland (606)923-2947(606)327-2055 
Goble, Allison Stanley Ashland Community & Technical College (606)326-2432(606)326-2192 
Goldy, Kevin The Independent (606)326-2600(606)326-2679 
Gomez, Michael Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital (606)833-3955(606)833-3195 
Graese, Mike City of Ashland (606)327-2001(606)327-2055 
Graf, Dave Graf Brothers Flooring & Lumber (606)932-3117(606)932-3156 
Graf, Greg Graf Brothers Flooring & Lumber (606)932-3117(606)932-3156 
Graham, Carol Windstream Communications (606)329-2469(606)329-6514 
Graham, Woody Graham Lumber (606)845-9663(877)512-8841 
Greene, Andrew Kentucky Farmers Bank (606)929-5141(606)928-3690 
Greene, Bryan Boyd County Public Library (606)739-8532(606)739-5907 
Greene, Carol PNC Bank (606)920-4280(606)920-4318 
Greene, Robert City of Flatwoods (606)836-9661(606)836-4222 
Greene, Robert Ashland Area YMCA (606)324-6191(606)324-3676 
Greene, Shaun Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (740)353-3133(740)353-2167 
Greenslate, Christy First & Peoples Bank and Trust (606)836-0211(606)836-0338 
Greer, John Boyd County Fiscal Court (606)922-753 (606)739-5446 
Griffith, David Griffith, DeLaney, Hillman & Company (606)329-1656(606)324-4739 
Griffith, J. D. Contech Engineered Solutions (606)928-6404(606)928-3971 
Griffith, Mark iHeartMedia (304)525-7788(304)525-6281 
Griffith, CPA, ABV, CFF, CGMA, Geoff Kelley Galloway Smith Goolsby, PSC (606)329-1811(606)329-8756 
Griffiths, Colleen The Camayo Room (606)939-8010 
Groce, Jerry Ashland Tennis Center (606)329-2245(606)329-2246 
Gross, John AT&T Mobility (606)925-6133(606)925-6807 
Gross, Kristy Community Trust Bank (606)329-6006(606)329-6027 
Groves, Cathy Town Square Bank (606)929-7712(606)324-0171 
Grubb, Tony City of Ashland (606)327-2012(606)327-2055 
Gullett, Chris Indiana Kentucky Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters (606)420-4072(606)420-4076 
Gullett, J. R. City of Flatwoods (606)836-9661(606)836-4222 
Gullett, Larry Ashland Town Center (606)325-9570(606)325-9612 
Gullett, Michael D. W. B. Fosson & Sons Inc. (606)325-4673(606)324-5176 
Gute, Marty City of Ashland (606)923-9256(606)327-2055 

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