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Jackson, Greg Marathon Petroleum Company LP (606)921-3333(606)921-2033 
Jackson, Greg Reneau Insurance Agency (606)585-1455(606)836-4445 
Jackson, Kevin City of Raceland (606)836-4020(606)836-7161 
Jackson, Michele Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital (606)833-6768(606)836-227  
Jackson, Steve Gene Jackson Tire Co. Inc. (606)324-2820(606)325-8473 
Jackson, Tom Boyd County Fiscal Court (606)326-1061(606)739-5446 
James, Mike The Independent (606)326-2600(606)326-2679 
Jeffers, Jennifer Lindsey Wilson College (606)478-5922(606)478-5923 
Jenkins, Kim Sweetbay Landscaping (606)329-1337 
Jindal, V. J. Jimmy Johns (859)608-0945 
Johnson, Aden Peoples Bank (606)836-9000(606)836-2444 
Johnson, Debra USI Insurance Services (304)710-3671 
Johnson, Desiree Kentucky Farmers Bank (606)929-5000(606)928-3690 
Johnson, Jay Ramey - Estep Homes (606)928-6648(606)928-1056 
Johnson, Mary Aladdin's Art Gallery, Inc. (606)325-2597(855)715-0355 
Johnson, Robin City of Ashland (606)327-2018(606)327-2055 
Johnson, Shawn Raceland-Worthington Independent Schools (606)836-2222(606)833-5807 
Jones, Andrew Community Trust Bank (606)329-6012(606)324-0923 
Jones, Cindy Conley Re/Max Real Team Realty (606)232-1067(606)325-9727 
Jones, David Machinery Exchange, Inc. (606)928-8450 
Jones, Debbie Boyd County Fiscal Court (606)739-5166(606)739-5446 
Jones, Randy City of Raceland (606)836-4522(606)836-7161 
Jones, Robyn Liebert Corporation (740)547-5102(740)533-9354 
Jones, Toni Aaron's Business Solutions (304)522-7022(304)525-3069 
Jones, Jr., William H. VanAntwerp Attorneys (606)329-2929(606)329-0490 
Jordan, Jarrod Anspach Meeks Ellenberger LLP (304)522-1138(304)522-9528 
Justice, Amanda Hope's Place (606)325-4737(606)325-9168 
Justice, Diva Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital (606)833-3106(606)833-3195 

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