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Kahn, Debra L. Kentucky Power (606)929-1486(606)929-1510 
Kazee, Karen R. Marathon Petroleum Company LP (606)921-3333(606)921-2033 
Keaton, Crystal FIVCO Area Development District (606)929-1366(606)929-1390 
Keefer, Kevin American Welding & Gas d/b/a Scott-Gross Company, Inc. (606)928-0187(606)928-2331 
Keeton, Chris Kentucky Farmers Bank (606)929-5028(606)928-3690 
Keffer, Kim Ohio University Southern (740)533-4600(740)533-4590 
Keith, Sam Pritchard Electric Co. Inc. (304)529-2566(304)529-2567 
Kelley, Megan iHeartMedia (304)525-7788(304)525-6281 
Kelley, Shelly United Talent (304)760-6181(304)521-6141 
Kelley, Todd City of Ashland (606)327-2001(606)327-2055 
Kelly, Joel L. First Presbyterian Church (606)324-4122(606)324-4123 
Kennard, Brian Wal-Mart #1426 (606)329-0012(606)325-9096 
Kennedy, Amy G. TENCO, Kentucky Career Center (606)564-6894(606)564-0955 
Kepler, Kristi Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital (606)833-3149(606)833-3195 
Kersey, Allen V. City Auto Trim Shop Inc. (606)324-1940(606)324-0607 
Kersey, David Dave's Bakery Deli-Donut Shop (606)836-1498(606)836-1499 
Kersey, David City of Russell (606)836-9666(606)836-3795 
Kersey, Jacqueline City Auto Trim Shop Inc. (606)324-1940(606)324-0607 
Kilgore, Tieyawn City National Bank (606)928-1538(606)928-2421 
King, Jim Ashland Area Business Boosters Club (606)324-7196 
King, Jim Town Square Bank (606)326-2902(606)324-0171 
King, Joanna American Red Cross (606)831-8035(606)329-1507 
Kirk, John Kirk Law Firm PLLC (606)324-0000(606)329-0101 
Kiser, Shaun Peoples Bank (606)834-3027(606)836-2444 
Kitchen, Aaron PNC Bank (606)920-4211(606)920-4318 
Klattenberg, Dennis Boyd Service Inc. (606)739-4129(606)739-8365 
Klein, Daniel S. Daniel S. Klein Home Remodeling (606)232-1233 
Klein, Thomas BesTitle Agency Inc. (606)326-1200(606)326-9600 
Knipp, Barry Kentucky Fried Chicken (KSK Management) (606)324-5421(606)329-2927 
Knipp, Doug Kentucky Fried Chicken (KSK Management) (606)324-5421(606)329-2927 
Kretzer, CPA, Sharon Kelley Galloway Smith Goolsby, PSC (606)329-1811(606)329-8756 

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