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Lakin, Andrew R. Andrew R. Lakin, Attorney at Law, LLC (606)393-1791(606)393-1793 
Lambert, Leigh Ann Harold D. Miller Insurance Agency (606)473-6211(606)473-1771 
Lambert, Paul Infintech (513)739-1665(800)621-9131 
Lamp, Kathryn Davis Foundation for the Tri-State Community (606)324-3888(606)324-5961 
Lance, Scott Regional Psychotherapy Services Inc. (606)326-0322(606)326-9809 
Lane, Cheryl Ashland Town Center (606)324-1100(606)325-9612 
Large, Matthew Town Square Bank (606)932-3185(606)324-0171 
Latherow, Leigh VanAntwerp Attorneys (606)329-2929(606)329-0490 
Lavender, Sandy City National Bank (606)326-2800(606)326-2296 
Lawson, Tom Wagner Rental & Supply of Ashland (606)326-9911(606)326-9933 
Layman, Gary Ashland Fabricating & Welding Company Inc. (606)324-5255(606)325-4648 
Layman, Richard Ashland Fabricating & Welding Company Inc. (606)324-5255(606)325-4648 
Layne, Tyler Whayne Supply (606)928-3444(606)928-3440 
Layne, CPA, Phillip Kelley Galloway Smith Goolsby, PSC (606)329-1811(606)329-8756 
LeMaster, Kevin Community Trust and Investment Company (606)329-6030(606)324-0926 
LeMaster, Ron Ron LeMaster Insurance Inc. (606)932-3138(606)932-3055 
Leach, Tom Pathways Inc. (606)329-8588(606)329-8195 
Leadingham, Becky Enersurv, Inc. (606)473-3987 
Leadingham, Jason Enersurv, Inc. (606)473-3987 
Leadingham, John C. Leadingham Eyecare (606)325-9659(606)329-1258 
Leadingham, Nancy P. Tudor Oaks Properties (606)325-1240(606)329-1258 
Leadingham, William Leadingham Eyecare (606)325-9659(606)329-1258 
Lehman, Kristin March of Dimes (606)547-1739 
Lemaster, Tom Giovanni's Pizza (606)325-9743(606)325-3017 
Leslie, Phillip Bruce McBrayer, McGinnis, Leslie & Kirkland (606)473-7303(606)473-9003 
Leslie, MS, Jamie Kelley Galloway Smith Goolsby, PSC (606)329-1811(606)329-8756 
Levi, Brad Marathon Petroleum Company LP (606)921-6200(606)921-2033 
Lewis, Cory Brown Landscape Management (606)928-0030 
Lewis, Maggie Grayson Chamber of Commerce (606)474-4401(606)474-4401 
Lewis, Tammey Lillibridge Healthcare Services/OLBH Same Day (606)833-0027(606)833-0821 
Light, Mike Mike Light (606)329-1119(606)324-1833 
Lingo, Lee Kentucky Association of Manufacturers (502)352-2485(502)352-2489 
Linn, Rebecca DeLawder Creative (615)681-3372 
Litteral, Debra Greenup County Cooperative Extension Service (606)836-0201(606)836-0235 
Litteral, Greg Charles C. Adams Insurance (606)325-9709(606)329-1611 
Little, Patsy Greenup County EMS Inc. (606)833-1515(606)833-2323 
Livingood, Ashley Kentucky Power (606)327-2606(606)929-1510 
Logan, Melissa Peoples Bank (606)836-9000(606)836-2444 
Long, Lana WCHS/WVAH (304)781-0811(304)781-0819 
Loperfido, Rick FIVCO Area Development District (606)929-1366(606)929-1390 
Loperfido, Sandy Amedisys Family Home Health (606)694-6550(606)324-7676 
Lopez, Jeffrey P. Tri-State Regional Cancer Center (606)329-0060(606)325-9366 
Lopez, RN, Kelly Tri-State Regional Cancer Center (606)329-0060(606)325-9366 
Love, T. Robert T. Robert Love, MD (606)836-0921(606)836-8175 
Lowe, Whitney Ashland In Motion (AIM) (606)571-1244 
Lowery, Chuck City of Flatwoods (606)836-9661(606)836-4222 
Lowman, II, E. B. Cardinal Management, LTD (606)329-0797(606)324-5989 
Lowman, III, E. B. Cardinal Management, LTD (606)232-7492(606)324-5989 
Lucas, Bob Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital (606)833-4235(606)833-3195 
Lucas, David Peoples Insurance Agency (606)920-4489(606)325-7787 
Lucas, Jessica Diamond Links Golf Club (606)928-5335 
Lucas, Larry Ashland Credit Union (606)329-5489(606)329-5414 
Lucke, Bud Hilliard Lyons Inc. (606)324-6133(606)329-0786 
Luther, William A Plus Cleaning (606)571-5160 
Lycans, Steven My Town TV (606)826-8696 
Lynch, Desiree' Ashland Credit Union (606)329-5420(606)329-5413 
Lynd, Jennifer Manpower (606)324-2155(606)324-2157 
Lyons, Jeff Desco Federal Credit Union (606)326-1118(606)326-9808 
Lyons, Susan Gibbs True Value Hardware (606)325-4681 

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