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Salisbury, Jami Howerton Engineering & Surveying (606)473-5684 
Salisbury, Patty Ashland Town Center (606)324-1100(606)325-9612 
Salyer, Sherry PNC Bank (606)920-4211(606)920-4318 
Salyers, LNHA, Cindy Boyd Nursing & Rehabilitation (606)928-2963(606)928-3879 
Sammons, Don City of Raceland (606)836-4522(606)836-7161 
Sammons, Karissa City National Bank (606)467-6101(606)326-0842 
Sandifer, Todd Marathon Petroleum Company LP (606)739-2501(606)921-2033 
Sands, Julie Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital (606)833-3178(606)833-3195 
Satterwhite, Matt Kentucky Power (800)572-1113(606)929-1510 
Saunders, Claudette A Brighter Future, Inc. (606)420-4059(606)420-4061 
Saunders, Josh Paul Davis Emergency Services River Cities (606)744-2888(606)744-2887 
Saylor, Thomas M. Northeast KY Regional Industrial Park Authority (EastPark) (606)836-1113(606)929-5595 
Scarborough, Amy L. AT&T Mobility (859)623-7272(859)623-5216 
Schaffer, Kathie Greenup County News-Times (606)473-9851(606)473-7591 
Schmutz-Sowards, Renee Boyd County Public Library (606)329-0090(606)329-0578 
Schobelock, Jeremy E. Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (740)353-3133(740)353-2167 
Schwendeman, Amie King's Daughters Medical Center (606)408-0415(606)408-6621 
Scott, Marty Liebert Corporation (740)547-5103(740)533-9354 
Scott, Ralph Ralph Scott Pools (606)324-9840(606)329-9394 
Sealey, Jaunique Braidy Industries (606)420-4645 
Seasor, Brooke Ashland Community & Technical College (606)326-2092(606)326-2187 
Seaton, Lee M. Tri-Cities Paving & Contracting Inc. (606)329-8646(606)329-9621 
Secrest, Bill Graf Brothers Flooring & Lumber (606)932-3117(606)932-3156 
Selvage, Amy Community Trust Bank (606)329-6685(606)324-0923 
Sennett, Scott Campbell Woods PLLC (606)329-1974(606)324-2025 
Serey, Luann Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital (606)833-3653(606)833-3370 
Sexton, Mike Quality Floor Covering & Decorating Center, Inc. (606)325-3355(606)324-3970 
Sexton, Terry D. Enerfab Inc. (606)923-0908 
Shaffer, Esther "Sissi" City of Russell (606)836-6530(606)836-3795 
Shannon, Greta Bluegrass Community Federal Credit Union (606)324-0888(606)324-0898 
Shelton, Carolyn The College Plan (606)922-5667 
Shelton, Heather Ashland Community & Technical College (606)326-2000(606)326-2187 
Shelton, Lois Bellefonte Country Club (606)324-2107(606)324-0069 
Shepherd, Cindy City National Bank (606)494-2418(606)326-2296 
Shepherd, Hannah Peoples Insurance Agency (606)920-4461(606)325-7787 
Sherwood, Robert Byles Auto Parts Company (606)324-6127 
Shine, Larisa Suddenlink Media (606)325-0040(606)325-0083 
Shipman, Chad Donatos Perfect Pizza, LLC (606)324-1000 
Short, Ann Marie The College Plan (606)922-5667 
Short, Gretchen Ashland Credit Union (606)329-5489(606)329-5414 
Simmons-Delp, Vickie Kelly Services Inc. (304)529-2141(304)523-0714 
Simpkins, Chris Sherwin Williams (606)324-3179(606)329-1358 
Simpson, Ron City of Russell (606)836-9666(606)836-3795 
Sinnette, Kevin State Representative Kevin Sinnette (606)922-1666 
Slagel, Rob Modular Security Systems Inc. (740)532-7822 
Slagel, Robert Portable Solutions Group (740)532-7822(740)532-6631 
Sloan, William Ray City of Flatwoods (606)836-9661(606)836-4222 
Sloas, Michelle FIVCO Area Development District (606)326-8065(606)929-1390 
Slone, Michael R. Slone Refrigeration Company (606)324-0232(606)324-8350 
Slone, Tammy Bill Cole Automall (606)329-2288(606)329-0331 
Smith, Adam First Baptist Church (606)324-3100(606)324-4344 
Smith, Brittany Fifth Third Bank (606)928-8787(606)329-0823 
Smith, Mitchell CIMCO Inc. (304)562-0121(304)562-0320 
Smith, Nickie Northeast KY Regional Industrial Park Authority (EastPark) (606)232-0716(606)929-5595 
Smith, Peggy Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital (606)833-3617(606)833-3195 
Smith, III, Kenneth C. "Trey" Kirk Law Firm PLLC (606)324-0000(606)329-0101 
Sniatecki, Kyle My Town TV (606)826-8696 
Spade, Matthew Boyd County Public Schools (606)928-2651(606)928-4771 
Sparks, Bryan Members Choice Credit Union (606)329-7876(606)329-8768 
Sparks, Ernie Pollock's Jewelers (606)324-3197(606)325-4947 
Sparks, Keith Enerfab Inc. (606)923-0908 
Spaulding, Denise Denise Spaulding (606)465-5589 
Spears, Chrisha Ashland Community & Technical College (606)326-2425(606)326-2187 
Spears, Jessica City National Bank (606)473-0788(606)326-2296 
Spears, CPA, John Kelley Galloway Smith Goolsby, PSC (606)329-1811(606)329-8756 
Spencer, Kay Community Trust Bank (606)329-6601(606)324-0923 
Spradlin, Glenn Pediatric Dentistry, PSC (606)329-1440(606)329-2441 
Stahler, Becky UK Boyd County Cooperative Extension Service (606)739-5184(606)739-4014 
Stambaugh, Carl Rescue Pro, LLC (606)393-3094 
Stanley, Candace Fyffe- Ashland Credit Union (606)329-5454(606)329-5414 
Stanley, Cynthia Hampton Inn (606)928-2888(606)928-6864 
Stapleton, Adam Marathon Petroleum Company LP (606)739-2439(606)921-2033 
Starkey, Carol iHeartMedia (304)525-7788(304)525-6281 
Staton, Kevin Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital (606)833-3717(606)833-3533 
Steele, Bill Shamrock Liquors (606)329-8585(606)329-8585 
Steen, Marshall City of Ashland (606)327-2001(606)327-2055 
Steen, Marshall Steen Funeral Homes (606)326-1188(606)326-1049 
Steen, Pat The Old Post Office (606)325-7291 
Stefanovich, Susan Kentucky Power -Energy Saving Business Programs (855)878-6207(855)878-6208 
Stender, Chris Hydraulic Services & Supply (606)324-3479(606)324-3480 
Stephens, James Sen. Rand Paul District Field Rep. (606)232-1079 
Stephens, Marty City of Greenup (606)473-7331(606)473-7831 
Stephens-McKnight, Stephanie Hilliard Lyons Inc. (606)324-6133(606)329-0786 
Sterling, Josh Cintas Corporation (606)325-3777(606)324-3174 
Stevens, Carolyn Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital (606)833-3333(606)833-3195 
Stevens, Ishmael Ashland Children's Clinic (606)329-0204(606)324-7770 
Stevens, Jason H & H Analytical Lab Inc. (606)324-7916(606)325-2800 
Stewart, John John C. Stewart, Jr. (606)923-1019 
Stewart, Philip Ashland Beacon (606)694-5198 
Stewart, Terry Comfort Keepers (606)324-1369(606)324-1369 
Stitt, Jeffrey Sprint (606)615-8038(606)325-0203 
Stone, David TSHD Architects (740)354-6621 
Stone, Melissa "Missy" Marathon Petroleum Company LP (606)921-2886(606)921-2033 
Street, John First United Methodist Church (606)324-6159(606)329-1158 
Strickland, Brent Kroger #796 (606)325-8911 
Stringer, Alan Stanley Steemer (606)836-0991(606)834-9032 
Stringer, Lori Stanley Steemer (606)836-0991(606)834-9032 
Stubblefield, Jr., Walter J.S. Vinyl Co., Inc. (606)325-4438 
Stultz, Brad Stultz Pharmacy Inc. (606)473-7346(606)473-5667 
Sturgill, Randy VanDyke, Inc. (606)327-5536(606)329-0989 
Sullivan, Lee Morton Buildings, Inc. (606)324-9745(606)326-9712 
Suman, Jason Citizens Bank of Kentucky (606)920-7315(606)920-7350 
Sutherland, Jeromy My Town TV (606)826-8696 
Suttle, Donna South Ashland Florist & Greenhouse (606)325-4691(606)324-6000 
Swarts, Leann Town Square Bank (606)929-9700(606)324-0171 
Swentzel, CPA, G. Dale Kelley Galloway Smith Goolsby, PSC (606)329-1811(606)329-8756 
Swimm, Kourtney Bri-Den Company Inc. (606)325-8639(606)329-8814 

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