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Tackett, Brent Kentucky Power (606)465-3951(606)929-1510 
Tackett, Charlie Kentucky Power (606)929-1406(606)929-1510 
Tackett, Danny Andrews, Tackett & Associates, PSC (606)836-5335(606)836-1797 
Tackett, Linda Kentucky Farmers Bank (606)929-5000(606)928-3690 
Tackett, Tracee Spectrum (606)326-6805(606)329-9579 
Taylor, Michael Fairview Independent Schools (606)324-3877 
Taylor, Steve Don Hall GM SuperCenter (606)329-8777(606)329-0568 
Templeton, Gale and Scott Tin Woof Inn-Ashland (606)928-3000(606)928-3005 
Terry, Terri Pathways Inc. (606)329-8588(606)329-8195 
Thomas, Olanda Citizens Bank of Kentucky (606)920-7300(606)920-7350 
Thomas, Vera Morton Buildings, Inc. (606)324-9745(606)326-9712 
Thompson, Aaron Gov. Matt Bevin's District Field Rep. (502)234-8717 
Thompson, Mona King's Daughters Medical Center (606)408-4496(606)408-4622 
Thornbury, Shawn Ashland Independent School District (606)327-2726(606)327-2705 
Tilley, Megan King's Daughters Medical Center (606)327-0036(606)326-1159 
Tillis, Traci Ohio University Southern (740)533-4611(740)533-4590 
Timberlake, Laura Big Sandy Furniture Inc. (740)574-2113 
Timberlake, Stan Bellefonte Country Club (606)324-2107(606)324-0069 
Tolliver, Carl Boyd County Fiscal Court (606)923-2342(606)739-5446 
Toney, Amber Marathon Petroleum Company LP (606)921-6331(606)921-2033 
Torgrimson, Marty Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC (606)547-1358(304)525-6770 
Torgrimson, Marty Neighbors Helping Neighbors (606)327-5677 
Towler, Steve W. Boyd County Fiscal Court (606)547-6460(606)739-5446 
Trimble, Mary Bluegrass Community Federal Credit Union (606)324-0888(606)324-0898 
Tritapoe, Curtis Veolia North America - Regeneration Services (606)833-1200(606)833-1221 
Tussey, Jody Century 21 - Brooks Wells Enterprises (606)329-8000(606)329-2839 
Twinam, Amy J. C. Penney (606)324-0168(606)324-0168 
Twinam, Earl First & Peoples Bank and Trust (606)833-5963(606)836-0338 
Tyson, Marshall Pathways Inc. (606)329-8588(606)329-8195 

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