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VanDyke, Frank VanDyke, Inc. (606)327-5536(606)329-0989 
VanHoose, Robbie Big Sandy Furniture Inc. (740)574-2113(740)574-1078 
VanHorn, Ben Bellefonte Country Club (606)324-2107(606)324-0069 
VanHorn, Bruce Town Square Bank (606)929-9700(606)324-0171 
VanKirk, Adam The Independent (606)326-2600(606)326-2679 
VanKirk, Adam Right Eye Graphics (606)393-4197 
Vance, Sally Active Day Medical Adult Day Care (606)928-8119(606)928-2592 
Vance, Scott Passport Health Plan (606)571-0352(502)588-8570 
Vance, Steve Kentucky Hall of Fame Cafe' (606)393-1533(606)393-1533 
Vanhoose, Rusty Steen Funeral Homes (606)324-4128(606)329-8815 
Vanhorn, Sherry Boyd Nursing & Rehabilitation (606)928-2963(606)928-3879 
Vanover, Ann Penn Station East Coast Subs (606)324-9272(606)324-0331 
Vanover, Randy Moe's Southwest Grill (606)329-0833(606)329-0830 
Veach, Michelle City of Ashland (606)327-2012(606)327-2010 
Vice, Lisa Bellefonte Country Club (606)324-2107(606)324-0069 
Vincent, John City of Ashland (606)327-2004(606)327-2055 
Vincent, John Martin & Vincent, PSC (606)329-8338(606)325-8199 
VonGraff, Kristen Christie Cruise & Travel Masters (606)324-4555(606)324-1106 
Vonderheide, Matt Dropbox, Inc. (740)532-7822 
Vonderheide, Tammy Kentucky Educational Development Corp. (KEDC) (606)928-0205(606)928-3785 

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