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Wagner, E. K. Kentucky Power (800)572-1113(606)929-1510 
Waldie, Matt Ashland Area Health Alliance Inc. (606)326-1763(606)326-1769 
Walker, Tim Windstream Communications (606)329-6112(606)329-6514 
Wallace, Mary Ann First United Methodist Church (606)324-6159(606)329-1158 
Wallen, Shelia Lindsey Wilson College (606)478-5922(606)478-5923 
Walter, Brock Boyd County Public Schools (606)928-4141(606)928-4771 
Walters, Adam Kroger-Midtown (606)325-8231(606)324-7121 
Walters, Timothy Ashland Independent School District (606)327-2706(606)327-2705 
Walters, Tyler Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital (606)833-3913(606)833-3195 
Walton, Clayton EnviroSolutions d/b/a Big Run Landfill (606)928-9340 
Walton, Jonathan Walton Chiropractic (606)326-0100(606)326-0131 
Ward, Alexander C. Dinsmore & Shohl (304)691-8406(304)522-4312 
Ward, Kelly FIVCO Area Development District (606)929-1366(606)929-1390 
Ward, Lee The Independent (606)326-2600(606)326-2679 
Ward, Matt Ohio University Southern (740)533-4600(740)533-4590 
Ware, Jeff Fairview Independent Schools (606)324-3877 
Ware, Mark Windstream Communications (606)369-1488(606)329-6514 
Warford, Tara "Nikki" Community Trust and Investment Company (606)329-6032(606)324-0926 
Waskey, Jeff Greenup County EMS Inc. (606)833-1515 
Waters, Gordon Armstrong (740)894-3886(740)894-0875 
Watson, Corey Fifth Third Bank (606)329-9797(606)329-0823 
Watts, Warren City National Bank (606)326-2825(606)326-2296 
Weatherholt, Gary First Baptist Church (606)324-3100(606)324-4344 
Webb, John A. McKenzie, Woolery & Webb, PSC (606)324-7147(606)329-0858 
Webb, Kristin Community Trust Bank (606)329-6620(606)324-0923 
Webb, Molly Ashland Community & Technical College (606)326-2000(606)326-2187 
Webb, Robin State Senator Robin Webb (502)564-8100(606)474-5380 
Webb, Stuart Kentucky Farmers Bank (606)929-5056(606)928-3690 
Webster, James H. Desco Federal Credit Union (606)326-1118(606)326-9808 
Wechsler, Kelly Kentucky Fried Chicken (KSK Management) (606)324-5421(606)329-2927 
Wellman, Donald City of Catlettsburg (606)739-9532(606)739-5754 
Wellman, Mike Peoples Insurance Agency (606)920-4491(606)325-7787 
Wells, Brian The Wells Group, LLC (606)743-3485(606)743-2025 
Wells, Dawn CW Electric, Inc. (859)608-6373(606)928-0093 
Wells, Denver B & B Care Services, Inc. (912)856-2639(888)845-5096 
Wells, Joe The Wells Group, LLC (606)743-3485(606)743-2025 
Wells, Linton Amish Cabin Company (859)749-2058(267)345-2342 
Wells, Mike Whayne Supply (606)928-3444(606)928-3440 
Wells, Scott The Wells Group, LLC (606)743-3485(606)743-2025 
Wells, Shannon CW Electric, Inc. (606)928-2074(606)928-0093 
Wells Coburn, Angela Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital (606)833-3590(606)833-3195 
West, David Trace Creek Construction Inc. (606)796-3867(606)796-3948 
West, MS, MPM, HHS, Holly Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital (606)833-3956(606)833-3195 
Whaley, Maria Ashland Regional Dance Theatre (606)324-5434(740)532-3699 
Whaley, CPA, David Kelley Galloway Smith Goolsby, PSC (606)329-1811(606)329-8756 
Wheeler, Marie Community Trust Bank (606)329-6613(606)324-0923 
Wheeler, Michael Tri-State Enterprise (606)836-2534(606)833-2457 
Wheeler, Nancy Ashland Milling Company Inc. (606)324-6148(606)324-6149 
Wheeler, Tammy Community Trust Bank (606)329-6660(606)324-0923 
Wheeler, Tracy Peoples Insurance Agency (606)920-4494(606)325-7787 
White, Evan Marathon Petroleum Company LP (606)921-3333(606)921-2033 
White, Kathy The Independent (606)326-2600(606)326-2679 
Whitlatch, Jay City National Bank (606)928-1579(606)326-2296 
Whitlatch, Kristie King's Daughters Medical Center (606)408-4401(606)408-4622 
Whitt, Michael City of Russell (606)836-9666(606)836-3795 
Wicker, Tyler Dinsmore & Shohl (304)691-8406(304)522-4312 
Williams, Aaron Whayne Supply (606)928-3444(606)928-3440 
Williams, Cary Ashland Independent School District (606)327-2706(606)327-2705 
Williams, Diana Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital (606)833-3366(606)833-3195 
Williams, Nick Eagle Distributing Company (606)329-9925(606)325-8458 
Williams, Tracie Bellefonte Country Club (606)324-2107(606)324-0069 
Williams, PE, Michael E. L. Robinson Engineering (740)532-2411(606)326-1890 
Willis, Geri Ashland Independent School District (606)327-2748(606)325-8407 
Willis, Greg Midland Insurance Agency (606)329-1122(606)324-1320 
Willis, R. Darrell D & R Metal and AG Supply (606)834-0184(606)834-0189 
Willis, RNBC, Jennifer Pathways Inc. (606)329-8588(606)329-8195 
Wilson, Eugenia UK Boyd County Cooperative Extension Service (606)739-5184(606)739-4014 
Wilson, Mike Greenup County Fiscal Court (606)473-7855(606)473-9878 
Wilson, Mike City of Raceland (606)836-3610(606)836-7161 
Wilson, Pauletta Lara's Bridals & Formals (606)324-0519(606)324-0519 
Wirzfeld, Mike Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital (606)833-3763(606)833-3195 
Wisecup, Matthew A. McBrayer, McGinnis, Leslie & Kirkland (606)473-7303(606)473-9003 
Wiseman, Don Tri-State Airport Authority (304)453-6165(304)453-6183 
Wiseman, Mary Witten Foundation for the Tri-State Community (606)324-3888(606)324-5961 
Wixsom, DVM MS MBA, M. J. Guardian Animal Medical Center (606)928-6566 
Wolfe, Joe Insurance Solutions of KY Inc. (606)325-4900 
Wolfe, Tammy Peoples Insurance Agency (606)920-4472(606)325-7787 
Womack, Chip The Battery Terminal (606)329-1473(606)324-5649 
Womack, Travis The Battery Terminal (606)571-2124(606)324-5649 
Woodburn, Steve Ashland Community & Technical College (606)326-2000(606)326-2187 
Woods, Michelle The I Believe Foundation (606)465-2875 
Woods, Michelle Ramey - Estep Homes (606)928-6648(606)928-1056 
Woodward, Marcus Woodward & Associates (606)325-8865(606)325-1285 
Workman, Michael BB&T (304)528-6107(304)528-6139 
Workman, CPA, CITP, CGMA, Anthony Kelley Galloway Smith Goolsby, PSC (606)329-1811(606)329-8756 
Wright, Paul MACED (Mountain Assc. for Economic Dev.) (606)264-5910(606)222-0444 
Wymer, Bobbi Pathways Inc. (606)329-8588(606)329-8195 

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